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Is the Consumer really the King in India?

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Points to remember before you participate in this disuccsion:
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  • Take the initiative to participate and contribute your thoughts.
  • Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution.

Preety Sinha said: (Tue, Nov 6, 2012 05:50:21 PM)    
Hi Friends.

According to the me the proverb should be "customer is the fool" instead of customer being the king because in India demand for any product depends solely on the marketing strategy that the seller adopts. A customer can be lured by catchy slogans and creative packaging and positioning of the product. Many a times the producers give fake or faulty information about the product, its usage, the expiry and manufacturing date etc as well as adultery being the main cause of concern of the consumers at large. The kind and the quality of product available at customers perusal is not what he can buy but what the seller can sell, its merely about selling what the producer has produced and accordingly creating demand for it.

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Sudheer said: (Tue, Nov 6, 2012 12:45:19 PM)    

There is a saying that.

'A product will surely be successful if it satisfies the customer'.

Yes, customer is the king but not in all cases.

Consider a newly established or a developing companies where customer is given utmost importance.

But in most of the well established successful companies the customer is given mediocre importance due to the demand in product.

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Aisha said: (Mon, Nov 5, 2012 12:41:28 PM)    
Consumers are said to be the king of the market because they are the people who needs to be satisfied. A product or a service is not a success until and unless the customer is satisfied. So it is a necessity that the manufacturer should be able to find out the taste, preference, wants of the customer so that accordingly they can meet their demand and satisfy it.

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Vamp said: (Sun, Oct 21, 2012 10:22:47 PM)    
Yes, I do agree with the statement "Consumer is king in India". The profit of any goods producing company solely depends upon its usage by the consumers. So the company try its best to woo the customers, and a normal human nature is to 'impress the boss' and thus it totally signifies the statement.

And now a days, we have lots of brand producing same goods, so its oblige on the companies to provide the goods in according to the needs, requirements, and the type of the consumers it is targeting, thus it is totally visible that the planning or developing of any goods revolve around the consumers.

So we can say that 'yes consumer is real king in India'.

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Seetharam said: (Sat, Oct 20, 2012 10:58:34 AM)    
Yes, Consumer is a king, As the customer decide's the seller, quality, place to buy the product's changes the business of individual Seller, when it come's to aggregate seller, the thought will shortly differ's.

Apart from this, there will be some other instances which survive's the producer in the market. Income of public is also place's a very crucial role in change's in demand for the product.

A Peon who is coming in cycle to office will decide's to purchase the Bike after he got promotion as a clerk. Now, the demand of cycle industry reduce's and the demand shift's to Bike Industry. It may be any Bike but the demand for Bike Industry Increases. Here, we are not talking about one Peon, we can take into consideration the person who is in low level in any company, Likewise, the person who is a clerk already using the bike will take the car once he/she became the manager. And hence, here also demand shift's from bike industry to car industry. By this we can clearly say that economy is the king.

Seller's will always say customer's are king and do all the activities & action's to attract the customer. Let we think about our human behavior, we always wish to make friendship with the king's not with the beggar's right, It's true we show some mercy, but, we always show some respect to the king's. Here, the question arises who is the king. In the eye's of Customer's, the reputation of the product, the service provided by the seller, eye contact while selling, soft words, create a feeling in the heart of customer to purchase from this seller again and again. So, here, seller is the king in the eye's of customer. By this we can easily say that the seller who create many activities to attract customer by giving discount, talking closely with customer, asking well wish, and selling quality product with less profit creates the demand for his own product and he will survive for longer period in the market. By this we can clearly say that customer is not a king. He is searching for the king & get the benefit from the best king in the market. Only king can give what ever his public want's. That's why seller is the king because customer are not fool to purchase by giving more money for less quality product.

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Teja said: (Wed, Oct 17, 2012 07:09:59 PM)    
Hi according to my opinion in India customers are the real kings because the competition in Indian markets are high so every time the companies are making their products according to the consumer wish. When the competition is high among the companies then they try to attract consumers to improve their sales and at the same time consumer can demand for their products because they have many other options i.e, the companies which produces same product required by the consumer.

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Sonia Gandhi said: (Mon, Oct 15, 2012 10:39:04 AM)    
Yes I agree with this statement. Because in our India, if consumers are not satisfied with any product then the business firm would like to change that product. They will produce in any other way which can satisfies the consumers. And the business can be done by the customers orders only. Main aspect of the business is customer needs and satisfaction.

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Chandrasekhar.Meruvu said: (Tue, Oct 9, 2012 06:35:12 PM)    
Lets assuming customer as a King:.

1) Did the company will give the product for the exact price which the customer asks for. No not at all.

2) we must follow the rules and regulations which king makes, but here in market the cost of product is not fixed by a customer.

3) The quality of product is not tested by a customer.

4) even sometimes customer is not satisfying with the product.

How we can say customer as a king.

"it is just a business logic".

If customer buys the product then company will get the profit. So as to attract customer and as to increase there sales they must tell the words like that.

Finally if company gets the profit they will invest that money to introduce new product but not for social welfare (public purpose).

Thank you All.

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Tenshi said: (Mon, Oct 1, 2012 09:50:29 AM)    
For any business organization to thrive in the market it must reach out to different layers of the society. In a country like ours where half of the population constitutes of middle class and those lying below poverty line it will be hard for the high rate products to survive the market as these people would always opt for low rate products that would just do the job as would a high rate product. Quality is not a prime importance at the lower strata of the society as the only thing that they want to do is make their ends meet.

For example lets see NOKIA even though its facing a tough competition being terribly left behind with SAMSUNG and IPHONES in the race but still isn't it one of the most trusted and used product, well the only reason behind it being that they made themselves available to every layer of the society targeting the high class to the common layman with the same quality service to all.

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Malvika said: (Fri, Sep 28, 2012 11:43:03 PM)    
I disagree with this statement completely.

Consumer is not the "Real"king in India rather consumer is made to feel like the one. Consumer gets attracted towards the false advertising.

MNC's make a fool out of consumers specially during "Off season" sales. Ex- They offers "flat 50%"but for that they change the MRP of the product from 3000 to 5000 n then give 50 % off or in ther products if they reduces the price then they cheated with the quality stuff.

The big company's do according to consumers needs and desires but making it more benificial for themselves.

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Kamal Rana said: (Tue, Sep 25, 2012 08:45:39 PM)    
According to my perspective, yes the consumer is the king, but that only depends on different kinds of markets. For example in the case of perfect competition, consumer is the king, if the price of sun-silk (shampoo) will increase, the consumer can easily shift to any other brand because the switching cost is very less and there are so many sellers in the market. On the other hand in the case of monopoly, consumer have no choice, for example in the case of railways, if the fare price increases, consumer have to consume it because they have no other choice and in this case consumers are not the king. If the substitute of any product is available in the market, consumer become the king and vice-versa. Lastly organisations always do the market research before they launch the product, the products are always made keeping in mind the taste and preference of the customers. So the priority of every organisation is customer only.

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Manish Sharma said: (Fri, Sep 21, 2012 08:44:10 PM)    
Hi according to me consumer is really king in the market, because consumer is person with the help this we decide our marketing strategy, if consumer did not like the product our profit is decrease because our profit and loss depend on the consumer, so this is must that we change according to consumer, without consumer market cannot grow.

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Rahul Sarswat said: (Wed, Sep 19, 2012 10:25:51 AM)    
Hello friends.

I think that the line "CONSUMER IS THE KING" is very true. Every organisation want to earn profit and want that their product demand should be high. Organisation plans their product according to the consumer's specifications. Before planning surveys are done to know about the consumer demand, what they want, it may be reliability of the product, it may be performance, it may be appearance etc. Company launches their products and produce it according to the consumer's requirement because if company does not consider consumer then who will buy its product. Producer is also a consumer for the supplier so there is a chain which is to be followed and everybody has to think about the consumer. So I think consumer is above all.

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Sushrut said: (Mon, Sep 17, 2012 04:20:39 PM)    
The statement is partially true. The consumers is provided with a lot of variations in price and quality in a lot of goods but it is geographically restricted as well. The consumers in rural areas have limited choices and have to make do with that. Also the penetration of retail chains is pretty limited and other mom and pop stores usually exploit the consumers.

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Hemant said: (Tue, Sep 11, 2012 10:44:18 PM)    
This statement not entirely true because customer is evrywhere in India may be rural & may be urban sectors, those who are in urban areas are well aware of the facts and policies which are given by government to consumer, when cheated by shopkeeper they can take impose laws and can take revenge from the shopkeeper but considering rural sector they are not much aware of these laws and policies that why they are being cheated by shopkeepers.

So finally to improve this condition we should do youth programs to make them understand these laws so that they can also stand for themselves.

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Roopa said: (Thu, Sep 6, 2012 12:33:53 PM)    
Yes I agree with this statement, because the consumers only will decide companies position that leads to high or least position which can/cannot be able to withstand todays competition. The company must satisfy the customer needs, if one is failed the other company contribute the needs of consumer. "Without customer there is no company", this says that the consumers are the real kings in the world.

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Akka said: (Wed, Sep 5, 2012 11:22:40 PM)    
I think every coin has positive and negative point, similarly producer & consumer of India is the part of country but the no. Of consumer is more than the producer. We always the no. 1 consumer in the world. I would like to give the example that India is the best consumer we assume more of the electronics item by the china county.

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Amit Rai said: (Sat, Sep 1, 2012 10:48:43 AM)    
Every company has to take care of consumer behavior. Its true in India and everywhere else. As the company aims for profit, consumer demands satisfaction. In Indian context the multiplicity of firms in a particular business activity has given consumer the privilege to change their supplier in case there is a degradation in product quality or unjustified increase in price. Customer today are equipped with more options and choices than they used to have before LPG. Having said that I would like to add that customer are king in some industry but not in all. For example in fertilizer and energy sector consumers are not really in a position to influence the company decisions and therefore the prices. So I think the given statement holds its value depending on the type of industry, the presence of competitors and government regulations.

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Nikhil said: (Thu, Aug 30, 2012 03:21:51 PM)    
Hello folks,

In my opinion the consumer is real king ,because there are situations where in co's like KODAK,MOTOROLA,NOKIA,NOW SONY and many more..has been bankrupt or been on the verge of acquisition,we can not say they didnt spent a huge chunk of money in market research and consumer relationship management ,they failed because they didnt compete with other rivals in serving the KINGS (consumer).

Its the consumer who ultimately buys the product and co's fetch some profit,you can call him/her puppets or jokers they are the ultimate source of money no customer no business.

There are firms like IBM,3M,HARLEY DAVIDSON,ROLLS ROYCE ,P&G,HUL etc who spends a huge chunk of money just to gain some of customers who are really loyal (brand loyal) they attract ,retain and grow these handful of customers which give these co's a lot of profit by repeatedly purchasing there products.

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Nitish said: (Thu, Aug 30, 2012 02:31:19 PM)    
Yes I m totally agree with this QUOTE.

As being the consumer. Plays very important role in the MARKET.

The whole production depands on the consumer choice and relaibility og consumer, if d consumer needs a tea of rs 10 and he can't able to effort it so then he takes sum other brand TEA.

So itz all abut the consumer need and his satisfaction.

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Vidhya said: (Thu, Aug 23, 2012 03:46:08 PM)    
I do not agree with the statement. Customers are not kings but they are the puppets of advertisements and they fall for that false attraction and create a demand without actually realizing whether the product is worth to be demanded.

They estimate the product based on the exaggaration created by advertising and do not truly analyse its potentiality. They are not kings but they are the preys of ads. Only a very few are exceptional.

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Deepti said: (Wed, Aug 22, 2012 03:59:33 PM)    
Yes, I agree with the statement that consumers are really king in India. Because the production of any product is depend on the consumers requirement and preferences. So if any company want to increase their profits then they needs to produce the product according to the taste and preference of consumers. There is a lots of compition between companies say for example telecommunication and electronics gadgets. If consumers are not satisfied with any product then business firm would like to change that product. So according to me consumers are the really king not only in India but also in the overall world.

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Ankit Kumar said: (Mon, Aug 20, 2012 10:26:57 PM)    
Yes I agree with this statement. Because in our India, if consumers are not satisfied with any product then the business firm would like to change that product. They will produce in any other way which can satisfies the consumers. And the business can be done by the customers orders only. Main aspect of the business is customer needs and satisfaction.

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Ruchika said: (Sat, Aug 18, 2012 03:43:26 AM)    
Hello friends.

This is Ruchika here, excitingly listening to everyone finally I too got the chance to speak. I respect everyone's thinking and also want to put my view as we all are here to to present our opinion fundamentally.

Well not stretching it much I would simply put my thought on this topic.

In some points.

1) Firstly Don't you feel that the term "King itself carries such a representative word that signifies something of huge importance"?Aah KING. Yes I do agree Consumer's are the Real King. As not a single person In fact our entire Nation is a 'CONSUMER', it will be wrong in differentiating 'PRODUCER' from 'CONSUMER' Because guys Producer is also a consumer As he purchase his requirement from another producers- right?

2) secondly friends Product makers base is a Consumer, be it a small match box Co. Or the Big Car's manufacturers. Consumers give them market and market development builds growth significantly.

3) Taste's & preferences, consumer choice creates the market.

4) MNC's to local market do lots of surveys & research has been done, huge money in lump sum are spent on it to read the market demand. People from top to bottom heirarchy in organisation are running their mind and skills to develop their product according to market actually demand otherwise they are of no worth.

5) fulfilling consumers demand will give them bread and butter.

6) Yet there are few producers who neither play cost-differentiation strategy nor cost leadership as we have studied in economics-they Serve some specific mass of people. Luxurius leading life section of people and hardly bothers about medium or poor class peple. For Eg. Leading car manufacturig Co. BMW/Mercedes.

So this particular point could not signify that they have the powers to decide WHAT TO PRODUCE & WHAT TO NOT?

Therefore freinds I Conclude here by still saying that Yes consumer are really the real KING of our nation.


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Paresh said: (Sat, Aug 11, 2012 12:06:41 AM)    
No. I am not in favor of this statement because in certain cases a customer may have to give the higher prices to the seller just because he does not know much about the product well.

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Gondy said: (Wed, Aug 8, 2012 05:13:14 PM)    
According to me Consumer is treated as a king when he gets after sales service for a product. Consumer is not the king in India when compared to United states as service industry in India has not developed when compared to the United States whose 70% of the country's growth is from the service industry. But at present India too has come up in the service industry.

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Poonam said: (Tue, Aug 7, 2012 03:06:25 PM)    
HI, I am agreed with the statement the customer is really a king. Products are made according to customer choice if customer is not satisfied they will not buy products and businessman has to tried another one. We have seen in our real market a general man become a good businessman within a year or some year because its product satisfy the customer and a big businessman become a general man because of its product not satisfy the customer.

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Suraj said: (Mon, Aug 6, 2012 12:34:42 PM)    
Here I must say to the people doing business with other people who are there customers, keep yourself at your customer place and feel what you actually want from any specific product. Which features of the product satisfy your maximum needs and apply that all the features in your product. So that customer can be a real king.

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Jaya said: (Sat, Aug 4, 2012 08:07:37 PM)    
According to me customers are not treated as king because there is a lot of black marketing and hoarding of goods in the market. Customers are exploited as they are not aware about the quality of products they tend to buy. I think customers should be treated as a king by making products which satisfies the consumer needs and the quality of goods or product should be superior.

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Kangana said: (Fri, Aug 3, 2012 08:01:38 PM)    
Customer is supposed to be the king. But in India does it really work that way? We are perfectly happy with the low quality goods that are available in the market. Is it because of the ignorance of the high qualities available.

Example : Tiruppur is the largest exporter of cotton. The high quality products are exported to earn higher returns. And the goods which are returned because of defects are sold here. These T-shirts are then branded then sold to us at higher prices. When you cannot be self sufficient. Why export?

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Irfan Ashraf said: (Thu, Aug 2, 2012 02:27:19 PM)    
Hello friends.

I am totally agree on this topic that the customers are the real kings. I am giving you a simple example to prove this. If we take a single product there are large number of choices available in the market for the consumers to chose the best one according to their taste and preferences so that they get the maximum satisfaction.

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Vaibhav Jain said: (Mon, Jul 30, 2012 03:09:31 PM)    
Consumers are the king and the statement is cent percent apt. Industries where there is competition, companies acts as the slave of customers say for example telecommunication and manufacturers of electronic gadgets. The question of consumers being a king arises in the sectors where there are single players playing with them of which oil & natural gases is the must to mention example where government is the player and consumer is the ball.

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Deepak Parsad said: (Mon, Jul 30, 2012 02:30:31 PM)    
If A Company Has a Positive Attitude. Like as If A Company is agree to treat their Customer as a King. Then A Company Can Achieve Profit year to year.

Because Without Customer, A Demand could not occur. Because Demand & Supply is Dependable Upon Company's Customer. If Customer demand is more of a Particular Company then the Productivity of a Company is much higher other Companies.

The Productivity is High. Demand for Raw Material is High. Then the Profit will be Higher than other Companies.

So, Every Should Treat their Customer as a King.

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Rajpal said: (Fri, Jul 27, 2012 09:32:48 AM)    
I agree with the statement that consumer is the king. Each company wants its product to be consumed, so it makes products according to the need of the consumer. Besides the companies make its products according to the economic standard of the consumer. Products made for upper class, the price is decided high. And the price of such products which are made for middle class as well lower class, is kept low. Quality of such products is same approximately.

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Manjunath said: (Sat, Jul 21, 2012 06:46:05 PM)    
Yes, I agree with the statement consumer is king in India. Because the company is making the product is on the basis of consumer needs and if the product is not accepted by the consumer the producer of product withdraw the product or make some changes for acceptance of product by the consumer.

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Pranav Jha said: (Fri, Jun 29, 2012 09:42:33 AM)    
I don't think so because in India it's applicable for those having good expenses for their purchase but if your budget is less then provider won't consider you as their god so I disagree with this point that customer is considered as a their god.

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Amrutha said: (Wed, Jun 27, 2012 09:12:09 PM)    
Yes I agree with this statement. Because in our India, if consumers are not satisfied with any product then the business firm would like to change that product. They will produce in any other way which can satisfies the consumers. And the business can be done by the customers orders only. Main aspect of the business is customer needs and satisfaction.

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Satya said: (Wed, Jun 20, 2012 09:11:09 AM)    
"Customer is King" nice caption generally used by many of the retailers, but not all the time. Because without customers demand there will not be any scope for building up a company. Theoretically it is correct but when it comes to implementation we all know whether we are kings are not. I too agree that we have choice to select one of the best product among so many products which are available in the market. But through Advertising many of the consumers are tending to buy the product though it is not that much of worth.

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Neeharika said: (Wed, Jun 20, 2012 12:19:03 AM)    
Hi guys, in my point of view there are two segments of market in India.

1. Those who are concerned on providing the best comfort to there customers and people call them perfect competitive markets, they produce varied goods to the consumers. And thus allow them to be the KING IN INDIA.

Services such as airline, clothing, food, lifestyle, . , etc.

2. The second segment of market deals with the monopoly market wherein consumer are not able to take decision in the process of selection of products in the market. They are compelled to buy one variety of good.

Service such as Indian Railways.

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Vanitha said: (Mon, Jun 18, 2012 11:18:24 AM)    
Yes, I agree all of you. In my point of view consumer is the king not only in India but also through-out the world. Unless consumer is not there, there may not be the existence markets, because only depending upon the basic needs of consumer the markets are running. The manufacturing companies can manufactures the things which are proposed by the consumers. While buying the things in the market the consumers desire is that the things should be with good quality, less cost and highly reliable. The markets are introduce the products to the customer point of view, then consumers can buy the products more and that should be beneficial to the the markets. It also beneficial for the development of our nation.

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Anu said: (Thu, Jun 14, 2012 05:51:54 PM)    
Consumers are king of market because the producer only produce those items which the consumer demands. A producer which do not sell his items as demanded by the customer then he will always be in loss. Indian market have very tough competition and customer always have knowledge of costly, cheaper and reliable product so he will choose the cheaper and reliable one. His selections of product invokes producer to produce product so that it can serve the customer with his own profit.

The purchase made by the customer only decide the growth or fall of a company. The company name is known only because of customer. If there is no customer, then there will be no business at all.

So, definitely customer is the king of market!

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Ashish Kumar said: (Thu, Jun 14, 2012 01:38:33 PM)    
Hi friends,

According to me consumer is really a king of India if he has power of money. So he has too many options in too buy product according to his knowledge. It is not only in India also in other countries that man with power has much freedom to do anything because in market there are too many companies of the smaller product. As like soap we have lux, hamam, lifeboy, dove etc., company to buy the product & we buy product according to our uses & we are free to change the product after uses the one time. So, perhaps it is right to say that consumer is the king of India & companies are depend on the consumer.

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Dnd said: (Wed, Jun 13, 2012 10:02:32 AM)    
India is called the buyers market. The economy of the country depends on the buying power of the country. We as a customer has a lot of choices now and hence can be called a king if we judiciously and prudently select the product. It all depends on the customer whether he has to be the King or to be fooled. Citing the example of Car we are fled with the options to buy depending on your budget. Same is the case with all products except Petrol. It is the seller who can definitely loot the people if it is monopoly something like petrol. Last but not the least we should always understand that the sellers are also not running a charity organization. Also the middle men to be avoided to get the maximum benefit to both the customer and the actual manufacturer. For eg: How much do a farmer get for a kg of beans when we pay Rs. 20-30/kg- max Rs. 7/kg and the balance is looted by the middle men.

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Pradeep Kumar said: (Tue, Jun 12, 2012 09:13:41 PM)    
Hi friends.
Consumer are really king not only in India and other country also. Because by buying to a product of any company there get income and the consumer decide a product in type like according to taste, price of product, and other elements so to company it be satisfy the consumers.

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Shashank K. Dhaundiyal said: (Fri, Jun 8, 2012 03:21:08 PM)    
Theoretically a Yes, but practically i.e. in implementation A NO.

Acc. To my view, customer is a means of minting money, a last piece of the puzzle to make profits. Today in whichever field you see: fmcg, health care, real estate, education and IT i.e.almost every sector of business, customer isn't really a King, he is merely a puppet who is manipulated by the companies in order to grow.

Consumers are promised the best but eventually given a lower quality product/service than what had been promised!

This condition happens quite often and hence proves that although the so called market giants put in so much of hard work in market research and study to devise their product acc. To the consumer's need, but still their sole purpose is biased to meet their own target I. E. Quite simply earning money.

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Uttamkumar Gajul said: (Thu, Jun 7, 2012 01:09:28 PM)    
I think the way companies serve their customers depend on the type of industry they are in. In the products industry, ex. If we consider the FMCG sector, there are a lot of intermediaries between the manufacturing company and the consumer. So there is little that they can do to serve the 'king' better. Most of the customer's experience will depend upon the quality of the point of sale.

(1) Considering 18th century, when British ruled on India as well as on many countries. British can be considered as King and other can be as consumer. But at that time king was not keen to take care of their consumers, so finally they had to gone away. Hence, we can say "Consumer is the king".

(2) Now, in present scenario, though there are many mammoth companies but their first priority is consumer satisfaction. If they are not willing to do so, they can be ruled out.

In the 18th century the customers do not have a variety of products, choices of products and different kinds of products. But in the present world due to globalization customers have a different kinds of products. According the the need, expectation and the income level of the customer he will buy his products and more over now a days the companies are manufacturing the products according the the expectation of the customer to sell their products in the market and to get a maximum profit. According my opinion "CUSTOMER IS KING" in today's market.

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Yogini said: (Tue, Jun 5, 2012 08:01:15 PM)    
A Consumer is just portrayed as the king through advertisements and various other means of publicizing goods. But in reality the manufacturers do keep in mind the profit to be earned by them. However the consumers are a major factor in determining the selling price because consumers are the buyers which will make the producers earn their profit finally. So in a way consumer is the king but we can say a passive one.

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Govinda Khasria said: (Tue, Jun 5, 2012 05:55:02 PM)    
Here consumer is the king in today's market means that consumer has the power to choose the product according to his best combination. This happens only after the privatization in the country which ultimately increases the competition between the firms.
Due to the competition consumers can buy high quality products at affordable rates. If he is not satisfied with one products he has the choice to switch to the alternate products and can by them at reasonable rates. That's why consumer called the King of Market.

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Sally said: (Fri, Jun 1, 2012 11:20:44 PM)    
Hello friends.

I agree with all of your answers but in my point of view, I think customers are treated as king because it is the customer who decide to buy those products which satisfy them most, and also the success of a products depends upon the quality of the product.

For eg. Most of the companies before producing a new product they go through various market surveys and according to customers needs and demand they produce their products.

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Abhishek said: (Tue, May 29, 2012 12:47:16 PM)    
Consumer can't be king because king has every right to do. And whatever wrong happened then king can change it. But if you look for consumers then they only purchase goods from market but nobody asks consumers that which good is to be sell at which rate. We know that petrol prices are hiking at a faster rate but consumers can't do anything people are so busy in their life that they cannot stop using their vehicles nor they drop their work and go for strike. Whenever demand of product is rising then sellers automatically increase the prices because they know that it is necessity of human being to buy it at any coast. The companies are proving extra facilities to customers only to advertise it. Indirectly there is benefit of company.

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Nitin said: (Thu, May 24, 2012 01:55:57 AM)    
Folks we are Indians and in India everything is dancing around are needs. Yes, I agree to some extent Customer is the King. A king who has got no rights to implement anything but to buy the product keeping his or her pocket in mind. No body wants to get into a hassle though he or she is free to put across his or her thoughts or mind set. Everything is advertisement driven. If an ad says this soap is made of milk, we feel we are using a product made of milk. We know in 10 bucks no company does this. How can we say we (Customer) is the king? Need is the king, it may force you to buy a product of a lakh rupee, knowing that it will not last long. All we do we use the products, if we like, we say good product, if not then we change the product. Last but not the least we all are interlinked to each other. Customer is a Consumer but certainly not a king. King is the Manufactures.

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Pallavi said: (Tue, May 22, 2012 08:40:58 PM)    
I'm very much for this statement that Consumer is the king in our economy. Market would not have come into existence had there been no consumers. The Companies whether Foreign or Indian are taking the initiative to produce more and more commodities which the consumers prefer. And it is, in return helping them to gain lump sum profit. And fulfill their sole motive. There is cut-throat competition between large firms only and only to satisfy the consumers' need. Which proves that consumer is being regarded as a King. This not only satisfies the consumers' need, but also, this production by industries, helps in economic development and growth.

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Cpa said: (Mon, May 21, 2012 04:19:06 PM)    
First of all we should discuss who is a king and who is a consumer. A king is a person who should have power of control and who can set rules and regulations and has the courage to implement it. Generally consumer is a person who purchases goods and commodities from the market but in todays world that defenition is not sufficient because purchasability range has a wide range including many types of services. But here there is a slight variation between the consumers and king because consumer is not at all setting any rules to take control over the market directly but it is done by the government which is in turn the people of country. But the rules and regulations are mostly in papers for giant corporates who control the markets.

The had given choices to the customers favouring thier interest only. Consider the example of mobile networking companies they are presenting many attractive offers to customers and they are providing customer care faciities alsobut if we carefully analyse these offers we can see these offers are not at all favouring customers but they are thier hidden bussiness tricks. Beside all of this they are cheating the customers with unwanted deductions of balance and this complaints are not taken care by thier customer care.

Now look at consumer rights and consumer court forums. In India most of the consumers are unaware about these rights and those who aware about these rights are not taking risks to complaint about the cheating about coperate mobile networking companies and those who take risks cannot go further tedious hurdles they are facing when they raise a complaint to a consumer court and besides all these no one should have the time to waste by going behind the lagging government procedures. Finally we can conclude that consumer is the king without crown and sword.

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Ashish Areekattel said: (Sat, May 19, 2012 05:27:15 PM)    
Consumer is not a king, it is the companies who are the kings because they introduce the product by putting the tagline "Consumer is the King. We value the consumer. " but do not implement it in real life.

They manipulate with the customers by letting them know they are the king when launching the product in the market but eventually do the same thing by maximizing their profit by minimizing the quality of product.

But in some sort of manner Consumer is the king since now many strict rules are been implemented by the authority of India to make realize their public needs.

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Ravi Kumar said: (Sat, May 19, 2012 12:50:54 PM)    
I agree to all of you, In my point of view Yes Customer is the king of market, because many Company avail helpline for customer, because If product issue, dealer issue behaviour then call to toll free no then see the with in our company executive responded. This is the customer centric & we are the king.

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Raj said: (Fri, May 18, 2012 02:01:35 PM)    
Yes exactly true. Consumer is king and there are many right to choose the product or buy the product or not there are consumer act protect the consumer and there any company will be produce the product they will view the consumer mind what they need and want so consumer is real king in the India.

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Sanchit said: (Mon, May 14, 2012 05:18:21 PM)    
First of all lets define who is the king. As generally accepted king is the one.

1. Who makes rules of his own and system goes on with his values and.
2. Certainly he should look whether the system is going in correct manner or not, thus he needs to take responsibility.
Now as far as consumer is concerned lets take few examples.
1. It was found that certain companies like goodday and parleG were selling their products below the avg. Weight which were set for them.
2. There was a ban on 6-6. 5 crore rupees of 'Redbull' because it was found that caffeine content was more than that is set.

In both examples we see that companies are using unfair means to sell their product. They are ready to bring new and cheap products taking consumers as their priority but cheating with us on other side.

Again if we look at vegetable market many unfair means are used to make vegetables green and big in size, also their prices are shooting up regularly and nobody is looking at whats going on in between system when vegetables are brought into the market from farmers and why prices are high in market when they are low at farmers' end. IS travelling cost really high?

Such cases tell us that consumer is not a Priority of sellers he is used for making profit in any way.

So to become a king we only need to take initiative. If we don't lodge Complaints about companies using unfair means we are king on papers and not in reality.

Even if there are markets are products are brought into the market considering consumers choice and demand like mobiles, shoes, garments etc. In what manner they are brought into the market, their quality is to be looked upon and not just companies policy.

So definitely in this sense in few areas we the king where we are served with no cheating and where it is not it is our responsibility to make ourself a king by taking necessary action.

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Sourish Bose said: (Mon, May 14, 2012 02:26:52 PM)    
Yes I agree with the topics but partially that "Consumer is the king" because if we look upon the marketing concept previous it was "PRODUCT CENTRIC" then in 21st century it is become "CONSUMER CENTRIC".Now a days on the top of the pyramid consumer stands.
According to me the main reason of that is COMPETITION which help to increase the bargaining power of consumer.

Why I said "I agree with the topics but partially", because consumers are not at all fully aware about their rights as a consumer.

Over all if we look about the topic then we can say that "Consumer is the king" who can even decide that a business would survive or not,as per the nature law's of "Survival of the fittest".

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Aditya Amist said: (Sat, May 12, 2012 05:54:58 PM)    
I agree to what you have said, but I beg to differ that the consumer is really the king in India.

First of all, the Indian consumer comprises of uneducated and not completely educated mass. Just because the prices of goods and services are less does not mean that the consumer has become the king. This mindset of us the Indian consumer is made by the shrewd corporate industry.

In India except for the one in a million add should by consumer awareness program of the government, the mass is not educated of its rights as a consumer.

We still buy damaged products which are often not even usable. I agree there is a consumer forum for us, but the question is how many of us are actually using it?

Basic services such as replacement of damaged goods are not provided to customers not only in suburban village areas but also in highly populated metropolitan cities.

We customers still do not for bills showing the exact weights of the purchased goods. Many times it happens that we buy a product lets say a biscuit packed and the biscuit are over baked or sometimes ever burnt and not suitable for eating. There are n examples to quote, but I believe you all get me.

While some of us have talked about reducing prices, I would like to ask a question to them: Did you check the size, quality or weight of the product?

Except of telecom industry, no actual goods or service in industry has been able to effectively reduce the price of their goods and services. Even with some telecom providers, sometimes it happens that we charged extra for services that we have never opted for. Again, we have a do not disturb service but can someone tell me why does it take 7 days to activate it?

Do question is simple : Are we consumers really treated as Kings?

The answer is simpler do you think as an active consumer or just a lay man when you buy goods or services. When the Indian consumers really start understanding this I would say okay now we have become CONSUMERs, now lets start thinking about being KINGS.

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Divya said: (Fri, May 11, 2012 12:43:13 PM)    
From my point of view, yes, consumer is really the king of India. Because if the consumer is not there, then there is no market. According to the tastes, preferences and fashions of the consumer only the company should make the product, then only the consumer will agree with that product, and he will buy that product repeatedly, otherwise, he will not buy that product, then there is no demand for the product, and also there is no market, that will leads to decreasing profits of the company. If the consumer is not there we can't see the sales. For the development of the India the business is base so if there is no consumer, there is no business. So consumer is very very important for the business. So, ultimately consumer is the king of business and also king of India.

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Prema said: (Tue, May 8, 2012 09:51:57 PM)    
Points to be keep it in mind that consumers are the kings always.

1. Consumers are factors who decides to buy what product out of all the choices available.

2. Before launching new product all the companies doing research about consumers buying behaviour, requirements, needs.

3. Out of products cost 25% leads to production side, 25% for dealer, sub dealer, C&F all includes. Except commission of 10%^ to shop owners remaining 40% goes with the hands to advertisement, this is ultimately for attracting consumers towards their products.

These are all the things done by the company for sure to turn the consumers to their direction nothing else other than that. This itself evidenced that consumers are the king.

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Abhijeet Malkar said: (Mon, May 7, 2012 11:26:33 PM)    
'Survival of the fittest' is the nature's law. The same applies to market too. Consumer is really the king, because its the consumer who decides what must be produced and in how much quantity. Those who don't follow this, don't survive in the market.

Nowadays, companies study consumer's mindset, customer's demands, their requirements before launching any product. I can prove that consumer is the king in all the sectors, with examples.


1) Airline industry:air fares were brought down few years ago, because most of the population of India couldn't afford high priced air tickets.

2) Food industry:McDonald's and KFC who had high prices of their food products reduced their prices to attract most of the India's population i.e. middle class people.

3) Telecom industry:Few years back, local calls from mobile phones were charged as high as 7rs. Per minute, whereas now the same call is charged with as low as 1paisa per second or 50paise per minute.

This is done by telecom companies just to grab the Indian market. This again proves that consumer is king.

4) Automobile sector:Day by day we are facing more road traffic and parking problems, because of which more and more people are demanding for hatchback cars. Growth of hatchback car sector again proves that consumer is king.

5) Consumer policies:There are many rules and acts which are created to satisfy consumer. The consumer courts in India are active and usually show positive results in customer's favor.

There are few exceptions to this too.

We can see that despite the whole population willing for low petrol prices, its prices are increasing drastically.

So, what we can conclude is consumer is the king of market except in few cases.

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Nayeem said: (Thu, May 3, 2012 11:05:49 AM)    
Dear Friends,

According to my point of view, Consumers are not the real king of market. Let me take you to very basic/daily needs. You go to any nearby veg-market, all cart sellers discuss and follow same rate no matter weather its comparably high from yesterday's cost. If you ask how the cost jumped up in one night, they will look at you very rudely and answer, if you want to take take otherwise leave it. Now say who is King? You don't have any other choice than purchasing the material with the same cost.

There isn't any control on cost by govt. No body is answerable.

Pranab ji is keep on telling from last year that inflation will come down in Oct, then in Dec 2011 then in Mar 2012.. what is this? Now recent promise was after 2014 election... Its unbelievable that these statements have come from FM of a country. If we would be King then situation would be different..

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Dsk said: (Wed, May 2, 2012 08:25:27 PM)    
Such quotes are generally created to allure people. I have seen one more board with quote " Customers are the king & king never bargains". Means you are the king & you can't even change the price. It's funny. It is just the part of the marketing strategy of companies & shop owners. But customer today are becoming more & more smart & not getting allured by such quotes.

If the consumer is really king in India, then why there is need of consumer courts? why there are loads of consumer complaints? Were there any kingdoms present in the past where there were courts for complaints of king. King is there to solve the complaints of common people not to solve their own. But in India consumers have many complaints. So in true sense they are just allured by such quotes.

Basically people are happy with what they have. But different companies always try to create more & more needs & force the people to buy their products.

But in different perspective customer can be king. He can choose product of his choice from different products. He can put his demands/ modifications in particular product.

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Pradeep Kumer said: (Tue, May 1, 2012 05:39:11 PM)    
I think consumer is the main part of market. Because the markets are there for consumer. If consumer dislike any product thane the prodect gone awaye from market. The success of any prodect and farm is depend on consumer. So I can say that the consumer is the king of market.

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Ravi Kalra said: (Sun, Apr 29, 2012 07:51:09 PM)    
Today, Time has changed, market has transformed into "customer centric" rather than being a "product centric". Companies can no more survive in the market without satisfying the customer's need because customers have an easy option to switch a brand which is more in sync with their demands. Thus, every marketer should aim to give a "value added " experience with the product to retain its customers.

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Deepak K said: (Fri, Apr 27, 2012 04:48:09 PM)    
Hello friends. I am agree with all. Today's great competition in Market. The market did not run without Consumer because of consumers are king of the market. Today's cut-throught competition in market, consumers are aware about the all the product through various channels like Electronic media and all that. So they should know about the which product are want to be use. Thank You.

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Kapil Bhatia said: (Thu, Apr 26, 2012 06:10:36 PM)    
I agree that the consumer is the real king in any country. He is the person who actually consumes the good and rates it as good or bad so that the company or the manufacturer can make efforts to improve it. The goods are manufactured for the consumers keeping in mind their need and requirement and taste. Moreover, customer satisfaction is the main aim of any company in any part of the world!

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Naveen Singh said: (Wed, Apr 25, 2012 11:36:48 AM)    
Definitely consumer is the real king in India. Consumer has a power to grow up the demand of any product to a top label and the consumer has also a power to freeze the demand of any product. The farms and companies are making product for the consumer as they are fully dependent on the behaviour of the consumer. There is no existence of any farms and companies if there will be no any consumer.

So we can consider that the consumer is the real king, and consumer is factor on behalf of which, the country economy is is running.

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Ramesh Thangavel said: (Mon, Apr 23, 2012 09:39:06 PM)    
According to my point of view, Consumer in India is not real king, today the business world seller is real king why because modern global developing business market consumer has more option in front of him, taking decision is very difficult and the same time many wrong selling happening in the market because of aggressive sales promotion and offer, free gifts, discount etc. , hence no doubt seller is only king not a consumer.

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Ria said: (Sun, Apr 22, 2012 09:50:04 PM)    
Hello friend. I my opinion "consumer is a real king like a lion". Because without knowing d like n dislike of the target consumer we can't sell d product. LIKEWISE.

COMPETITION is one of the major reason to make consumer is a king because now a day consumer have lots of variety of brand of same product and without fulfill the consumer needs and satisfy the consumer they can shift to other brand that's why consumer become the "KING OF ALL MARKET ".

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Simran said: (Sat, Apr 21, 2012 05:30:30 PM)    
Gone are the days when marketers used to aggressively sell whatever produced. Now the process of production starts with market research wherein marketers understand the needs and the wants of the customers and thereby make a product and the process ends by finally selling the goods and the service to the customers. Even if not the king or the queen the customers are the essence for the existence of the process of marketing. Apart from this the empowerment of the consumers today have increased to such a degree that they would never expect anything which have been over promised but poorly deliver and to back such actions of the consumers there are public forums, consumer court etc. Most importantly a present day consumer has along with him the most powerful tool which is WOM which can break or make a product or service which definitively makes him the king of the market.

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Rammu said: (Fri, Apr 20, 2012 11:16:17 PM)    
According to my opinion this is right way, "consumer is king". Now a days expectation of people is unlimited and people want to too much product. If people won't purchase the goods then how will happen the supplier.

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Neetu said: (Thu, Apr 19, 2012 03:44:15 PM)    
Hello friends yes its right to say that customers are the king but to an limit though we know that demand by the customers makes a product to catch the roof of the sky any yah products quality and quantity all depends on customers needs and feedback but in-spite of all this we can't dis-way with the point that there are a always quit a many companies coming up with a products that have its monopoly over the market that's where I would like to say the customers lag a little though this has been observed that there always comes a co-substitute of the product in monopoly very soon as there a large number of companies in India in competition. Yet until substitute products for a monopoly products do not comes in the market the power remains out of reach of customers that's why its called monopoly customers will have to go with whatever product is present in the marker. But still I say customers are the king as there are only a few products in the market that has its monopoly rest all depends on the customers.

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Mangesh Ukey said: (Tue, Apr 17, 2012 02:25:02 PM)    
I am also accepting that customer is the king in the market. In the absence of the existence of the customer, there won't be question of market, . The marketer always makes the strategy for the customer with regard to selling the products and goods and services and and it is the subject mater of economic development of the seller and the county.

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Madhu said: (Sun, Apr 15, 2012 07:17:42 PM)    
Hello! my dear friends I am accepting your points, but my point of view is that: consumer is real king in market, because now a days, due to increasing the population, the demand is also increasing. If the producer will not fulfill demand of consumer then market will be down. So producer must give the importance on consumer's choice like good quality, attractive, good price etc. Because our market is going on due to consumer, in short I want to say "CONSUMER IS GOD".

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Sarosh Akhter said: (Sun, Apr 15, 2012 12:30:02 AM)    
Hi friends, I agree with the term customer is king because customer is the only source to propagate any business, if the customer will disagree once we will go to loss, so producer should have to deliver good service to customer, this is the only way to attract customer, in recent scenario every company wants to attract customer who have more no of customer it will earn more.

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Heena Kashyap said: (Sat, Apr 14, 2012 10:48:20 PM)    
As per my opinion in today's market, customer is the real king because of the fact that marketers are making every effort to make the customers buy their product. Earlier there was a concept of push market, in that producers offer to the customers whatever they had and customers had no choice but to buy their product. But now the concept has changed and now the new concept that is being used by the marketer is the pull market because customers have a lot of choices from which they can select the product of their choice.

Moreover the competition has increased manifold now. The companies are now relying not only for customer satisfaction but for customer delight so that they can retain their existing customers and can also attract new ones.

Another point that proves the fact that customer is the real king in India is that the concept of caveat emptor i.e. let the buyer beware has been no longer used, rather government has made consumer forums for protecting the interests of the consumer.

So it can be said that customer is really the king in India.

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Gauri said: (Sat, Apr 14, 2012 04:39:27 PM)    
The demand for consumer is increasing day by day in an economy. These days producers have to keep a check on the needs on consumers. These needs can be brands, quality, quantity, prices, products etc. The taste of consumer is changing day by day. Fast food have become favorite these days. The consumer has right to select those things which he wants. No one can compel him to buy those things which he dislikes.

By this we can draw a conclusion that CONSUMER IS THE REAL KING OF THE MARKET!

This also warn those companies that are selling detective and harmful products!

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Ankit Gupta said: (Fri, Apr 13, 2012 09:38:55 PM)    
I too support that consumer is the real king in today growing market. Producer needs to gather all the requirements according to the customer's need, ease, taste and comfort. Customer decides what he wants rather than the producer. Customer is the key to all the sales occurring in the market and he chooses what suits him best. Though some customers buy products by there brand name but they buy what suits them best. Without his preferences even the biggest company may collapse.

Companies do several surveys, feedback to know what the customer wants and decide what they could add new that would attract the customer to buy the product. So in every aspect the consumer is the winner and gets what he wants.

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Manuraj.R M said: (Thu, Apr 12, 2012 06:53:25 PM)    
Hi friends according to me consumer is a king in the market he have a more choices and more flexible to choose according to his taste, cost effective, comfortable and so on. But one thing I need to tell you regarding customer for be careful while purchasing anything and as a manufacturer please consider customer is a person he will decide whether your product will succeed in future or not that's why when you are manufacturing a product please consider the consumer point of view not for your point of view.

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Rupa Sibgh said: (Wed, Apr 11, 2012 09:31:33 PM)    
In my point of view when consumer go to market for purchasing goods. He/she is treated very well by sales man. But on other hands during any complains/services they don't take it seriously. That condition consumer is not king.

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Shine T S said: (Tue, Apr 10, 2012 10:42:42 PM)    
I totally disagree the particular statement customers arr the king of business. Actually we producer is making use of the customer, though the market is forming with the likes and dislikes of customer the real benefit goes to the producer.

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Sindhur said: (Tue, Apr 10, 2012 01:33:28 PM)    
Hai friends, according to me consumers are kings not only in India but also in whole world because with out any consumer the sales will not takes place. Based on the consumers demand, bussiness firms decide their productivity which in terms get profit.

Rate this:   +4   -2

Vishal said: (Mon, Apr 9, 2012 08:55:03 PM)    
Consumer is king but when he don't buy goods at reasonable price but in India consumer is not aware about the prices of various commodity. I agree that companies produce what the consumer like but on the other hand they charge higher prices. Like in case of. Cloth.

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Nagendra said: (Sun, Apr 8, 2012 11:18:54 PM)    
According to me consumer is a real king and producer is also a part of king because here in the market the we come to know that the producer produces his products and he plans that how can we attract our customers then he do several advertisements and plans for making his product highlight.

When coming to consumer view he is real king because he gives the rating to that product and tells his views about that product to others if he likes that product.

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Gauranga said: (Fri, Apr 6, 2012 11:21:36 AM)    
I do agree with this. According to me whole market fully depends on consumer choices, their like and dislike. Before company going to launch any new product first they introduce this product with certain number of consumers. After getting their feedback company came to know consumer requirements and try to manage all things regarding customer needs and release this product.

Rate this:   +15   -2

Priya said: (Wed, Apr 4, 2012 05:38:36 PM)    
In today's world consumer is the real king of market. Products are being manufactured according to the needs and requirement of consumer. A manufacturer designs the product keeping in mind the requirement of consumer. After all he has to sell product his product to a consumer only. I f there will be no consumer to buy the product the market would fad.

Rate this:   +14   -3

Chetan said: (Sun, Apr 1, 2012 02:53:11 PM)    
I am agree with this that the consumer in India is really king, If he decides something then he can definately do that. But now days consumer has a burden of this rising Inflation. Today, when you in the market to buy some product or anything, you will see that the prices are growing very very rapidly. Now, in this modern world corruption is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to earn more & more money. So, because of this corruption inflation is increasing. And this all burden comes to the consumer.

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Randhir Kumar said: (Sat, Mar 31, 2012 07:59:52 PM)    
Yes it is true for today's marketing or economic climate that consumers are king, because today consumers have a wide verity of options for there products. Companies manufacture that which is demanded by the consumers.

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Gaurav Jain said: (Fri, Mar 30, 2012 07:31:58 AM)    
Before going to the topic, I would like to say something about a king. Who is a king?

A king is somebody who is powerful and thus people obey his orders and he has the authority to punish those who do not obey him. Now, let us look at the state of Indian consumers. According to me consumers are the king. Because companies sales their products according to the needs of the consumer. There are different kind of products are available to you. You can buy them according to your choice and budget. You can also purchase them in different size, range and according to other attributes. Just go in market and see 80% of market is covered from SALE/DISCOUNT/FREE/EXTRA like keywords but do you think so that these companies are giving you all from their own pocket, we need to think upon it.

But in some other way producers are king. Now-a-days advertisements and marketing skills are very important tool to attract consumers. So I think both consumer and producer is king in their own way.

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Pooja Joshi said: (Sat, Mar 24, 2012 04:02:19 PM)    
According to me consumers are the king. Because companies sales their products according to the needs of the consumer. There are different kind of products are available to you. You can buy them according to your choice and budget. You can also purchase them in different size, range and according to other attributes.

But in some other way producers are king. Now-a-days advertisements and marketing skills are very important tool to attract consumers. Advertisement affect consumers in such a way that they behave according to companies. For an example before the commencement of TV ads and other marketing tools consumerism was very low in India but today ads affected our choice and needs.

So I think both consumer and producer is king in their own way.

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Anam said: (Fri, Mar 23, 2012 12:54:43 PM)    

If we talk of today's world it is absolutely true that consumers are the kings, ranging from small products like soaps and shampoo to costly times like ac, cars consumers are provided with so many choices, and offers so that they buy the product of their company, if some company comes with a new idea in any product, within few months another company launches the product with same and improved idea. Companies stay connected through the common masses by surveys advertisements etc. Free and discount schemes are launched every now and then, to please the and lure the customers to their product. Company's knew that Indian people want quality items at cheap rate, and so they try every possible ways to make this true, hence it is undoubtedly true that consumers are the king.

Now about the other 10% cases, where the companies are the kings and consumers have to act accordingly ex_ bmw or mercedes cars, we never see their ads in tv or newspapers, those company target a chunk of people and want that the product should be available to them only. To buy we have to place the orders 10 -15 days before.

So in that consumers are not the kings.

But since the majority of the companies act according to the will of consumers so it can be said in general that consumers are the king.

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Priyanka Agarwal said: (Mon, Mar 19, 2012 11:05:38 PM)    
According to me customers are the real king as right from production to marketing vendors always keep in mind the target customers. Like for example before setting up a new factory or starting up a new line the producer always prioritize the wants, location status and ease of the consumers. And even at the time of marketing by advertizement or some other means a vendor always try to impart information about its produts but ultimately it is the customer who decides whether to take it or not.

The concept of bargaining is still there even at branded showrooms, this proofs that the industry is highly dominated by consumers and they are the king.

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Thulasiram said: (Sun, Mar 18, 2012 01:11:44 PM)    
Customer is the real king on the market there are multiple vendors are selling the same products. But why customer should prefer a same vendor, reason is vendors way of approach to the customer. In this world there is no product, which satisfies the customer 100% customer can see the quality of the product, guaranty, warranty, price, service and responses from the vendor. So the vendors approach, response and their service made the customer to satisfy additionally.

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Quajah said: (Wed, Mar 14, 2012 08:20:49 PM)    
Consumer is treated by companies as king to sell their products, when there is huge competition in market, by providing services like Customer support, by providing information about product, By providing product displays, etc. Because the profit for company is based on ultimate consumer so he is treated as king. Based on the level of investment made by company decides whether to treat customer as a king or not.

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Gargee said: (Wed, Mar 14, 2012 12:59:28 PM)    
In today's world of hard core publicity and advertising, consumers are faced with lot of options and choices. Yes, they have the choice, but when it comes to certain industries its more or less a monopolistic situation in which its either "MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY". But apart from these exceptions, Consumers are really the KING as they can decide about the quality, price, or any other feature, besides more and more people are being aware about THE CONSUMER COURTS which can help these consumers in case they feel cheated in any way. Also the warranty and guarantee add special features to the products.

Consumers can even demand for money back scemes and replacement (*conditions applied). Moreover they get benefits from market competition as the main MANTRA in today's market is " CUSTOMER SATISFACTION". So in my view, CUSTOMER IS MORE OR LESS THE KING.

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Kumar052 said: (Wed, Mar 14, 2012 07:05:23 AM)    
Yes. Consumer are really the king of India. Today every country due to the globalization having lot of MNC for every sector. And if they want to survive in the market then they have to provide a product with unique feature and price which is not available in market or having some difference with competitor in the market.

Due to these competitor the consumers are getting different and new product with many features answer also very less in price. From the any part of world they can buy the product from the any country and also at very less in price.

Costomers are getting benefits of market compition. And getting all those facilities which are some centuries ago only the king had. Even they are getting more thing from market then any king.

Kings had limits for there choices they did not had the large verities. But consumer have more verities and features.

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Vinay said: (Mon, Mar 12, 2012 05:34:30 PM)    
Well consumer is the king, this statement holds a lot of truth but lets see the other side of the coin. No doubt today there are a wide range of products available in the market. Each of them got their competitors so the decision stands in the hands of the end consumer as to which product to purchase. But today also a lot of food items sell adulterated. And Milk tops the charts of adulteration. Today also a lot of products are being sold at a higher rate than the mrp stated on them. Not many care about visiting the consumer grievance court if they are cheated or a product they purchase is defective or adulterated. The news of adulteration in sweets and other delicacies is allover during festivals. Fruits are being delivered before time and being injected with artificial sweeteners. The chemicals present in them ultimately harm 'the king'. Moreover sole suppliers of those products which do not have a fixed price like vegetables, fruits, eggs, flowers etc take advantage of their monopoly in the area and charge a higher price.

So in my opinion, the consumer is the king but he is also susceptible to certain circumstances where due to his negligence or lack of interest he cannot or does not exercise his rights of being a king.

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Sheetal said: (Mon, Mar 12, 2012 05:09:29 PM)    
Yes definitely "customer is a king" given by companies. But why he is called as a king?

Because the customer has only have freedom to purchase according to his choice. As he is having different needs and wants. Here another question arises when a customer will change his product?when he didt get satisfied with it or may be due to lack of products. Here companies are making customers to go.

In my opinion customers are kings b because with out them no company can survive.

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